Mark Zuckerberg may be planning to monetize WhatsApp through subscription plans

Currently the big tech companies have fallen into a situation where their finances have been seriously affected.

A recent example was Twitter, which, after being acquired by Elon Musk, sought to avoid several million dollars a day with its new address.

In the case of Meta, the situation is similar due to the difficulties Mark Zuckerberg faced in making his vision of the metaverse a reality.

This has caused the company to now contemplate generating income from the implementation of WhatsApp subscription plans.

It’s worth mentioning that both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger don’t generate any income for Meta, so keeping them running represents more expense than good for this company. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg sees the potential in messaging apps to make them the big pillar of his company.

And while he didn’t give many details about this strategy, he did say he was working on it the development of a subscription for the business part of WhatsApp which will include some options that will distinguish the plans offered by the company and to which they will be oriented Promote companies using WhatsApp Business.

Even so, it is possible that over time this business model will be applied to the version of WhatsApp used by all users, which could be a way to generate the income this company needs to stay afloat in the industry.

Furthermore, he believes that the ultimate goal Zuckerberg may have with WhatsApp is to turn it into a kind of WeChat e concentrate it to shop in shops and stores or buy train tickets.

It is worth mentioning that this initiative is nothing new, since there are other companies that have implemented subscription plans on their platforms to offer users extra features, such as Telegram with Telegram Premium and Twitter with Twitter Blue.

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