Maria Ignatova makes a podcast with Alex Raeva and Nencho Balabanov

Maria Ignatova was under the Rabbit costume in the new season of “The Masked Singer”. She dropped out of it two weeks ago. Photo: Facebook The Masked Singer

Maria Ignatova starts a new project – she will make a podcast together with Alex Raeva and Nencho Balabanov.

This was explained by the presenter to Lora Krumova on Nova TV.

“We will talk about culture, about pop culture. The event is that the three of us will be together. I don’t know how much of an event it is, but we are doing well,” Ignatova said.

She has known her two colleagues for years, with whom she will work on the podcast. With Balabanov they were among the hosts of “Masters of the Air”, and together with Raeva they hosted “X Factor”.

Maria and Alex are very close friends. That is why Ignatova invited her colleague to be her best man at her wedding to Ivaylo Tsvetkov-Noisy at the end of September.



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