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Maradona supports Italy and attacks Argentina due to Corona

Argentine legend Diego Armando Maradona commented on the outbreak of the Corona virus around the world, sending a message to support Italy, and attacking his country, Argentina, for not dealing seriously with the situation.

Corona or “Covid-19” as it was officially called hit the European continent and the whole world, and was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, which led to the suspension of sports competitions in a number of countries.

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Maradona said on his “Instagram” page: “I lived in Italy for seven years, I have a family in Naples and many people I wish them all the best. Italy is part of my life and therefore I want to send a message of support in this difficult period.”

He added: “In Italy you understood the importance of staying at home. I hope that we in Argentina also understand the matter at the appropriate time. Some make fun of the situation, and last Saturday there was no talk of an epidemic in Argentina and there are those who greet you by kissing you.”

And the golden boy continued: “All stadiums are full of fans. It is true that we say that we do not want to hear the worst. I hope that we will overcome this difficult period for the world in the best possible way.”

He concluded: “It is difficult to educate a country in 15 minutes, but with obedience and respect, the order can be applied. Good luck to everyone, stay home and unite.”

A few days ago, Maradona was the scene of an exciting shot at the end of the Argentine League during the meeting between Boca Juniors and Gymnasia La Plata when Carlos Tevez, the first striker, kissed him before the match to bring good luck.

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