Justice. Lorraine tries to blackmail Anthony Martial, player of the Blues, for compromising photos

In life, the real one, Myriam, 30, born in Laxou, lives in Jarville, where she receives the RSA and pays part of her rent thanks to the APL. On social networks, she is a model, dentist, lives in Neuilly and travels around the world, always in luxury hotels. “On Instagram, it’s not me, it’s what I would like people to think of me”, loose the young woman at the bar of the Nancy high court where she appeared this Friday morning.

She is, in particular, prosecuted for an attempt to blackmail the footballer Anthony Martial, 25, selected for the France team and player of Manchester United, an extremely rich English club. The star who “emerges at 800,000 euros per month” according to Me Wilfrid Fournier, lawyer for the accused, filed a complaint in July 2019, against the young woman, at the end of a relationship “letter 2.0” of a little over a year between 2018 and 2019. They exchanged words , very intimate photos and videos, without ever having met.

“Know that I have a lot of compromising photos”

“It was he who came into contact with me on the networks,” says Myriam. It is he too, according to her, who called him several times a week, mainly “the eve of the game when he was green in hotels”. “It was a real relationship with someone very nice that I liked a lot in my life,” she protests when the civil party suspects her of having engineered everything.

Because in March 2019, Anthony Martial tells him that he wants to put an end to this virtual relationship. “He had made promises to me, I felt flouted, a year of my life that does not count for nothing”, continues Myriam. She would then have sent the footballer an SMS, unambiguously that the star of Manchester United will produce to his lawyer: “I understand that nothing will happen between us, but know that I have a lot of compromising photos, either you pay, or I throw everything to the press ”.

Anthony Martial offered 25,000 euros for his silence

“Nothing proves that this message was sent by my client”, protests Me Wilfrid Fournier who regrets that Anthony Martial was never auditioned during the investigation. In return, the latter initially offered him € 25,000 for his silence. Then changes his mind and files a complaint. “It took courage”, considers Me Ariane de Guillenchmidt-Guignot. “Everything is premeditated, everything is intention at home”, continues the civil party targeting the defendant.

Investigators found luxury clothing and accessories in Myriam’s Jarville apartment. “These are gifts,” she says. The shadows of a professional basketball player and a second professional football player with whom she would have had a relationship, hover over the audience and blur the image that Myriam strives to send back to the court chaired by Didier Castaldi.

François Pérain, public prosecutor of Nancy believes, without hesitation that “the message is material proof that there was an attempt at blackmail” and requires 6 months suspended prison sentence. Me Wilfrid Fournier considers a contrario that “the screenshot of a message of which we know neither the sender, nor the date of sending is in no way proof”. He took offense at the image that the debates gave of his client who is “a very respectable young woman”. The court will render its decision on November 20.

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