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Map of women writers

The Map of Peruvian Women Writers (MEP) is an online project by the collective of authors Comando Plath, which seeks to make visible and disseminate the work of Peruvian writers from various regions of Peru and covers genres such as poetry, narrative, dramaturgy, album books and oral literature. as well as writing in native languages. In this second phase of the project, it presents 25 new authors, 25 ways of looking at the world, 25 literary proposals that will lead us to discover the personal universe of each one.

Precisely, about MEP, the visual artist Marisa Godinez says: “After spending my childhood and adolescence reading what women are like in stories written by men, it is not only refreshing, but essential to provide girls and women in general with an increasingly numerous and rich offer of literature written by women. with which we can identify and grow.”

For her part, the poet, visual artist and curator from Arequipa Nereida Apaza points out: “The Map of Peruvian Writers is a space that allows us to learn about the proposals of women writers from various regions of the country, which shows us their career, their publications, their conceptual proposal, their problems and concerns through their work. I have shared the link with people from abroad who ask me which Peruvian writers I recommend and I suggest they visit MEP.”

Likewise, the writer and academic Jennifer Thorndike considers that: “The Writers Map is an essential space to publicize and share the writing done by women in Peru. It is an intelligent and generous project in which I am honored to participate. We must continue creating, not only literature, but these spaces where we can show our work and the valuable contribution of other writers.”

Finally, the writer, translator, and Quechua-speaking teacher Gloria Cáceres highlights: “The Map of Peruvian Women Writers is a valuable effort, an arduous piece of research that allows us to search for the presence of women writers in the history of Peruvian literature. It gives us the opportunity for them to know our experiences, our feelings expressed in poems or stories inspired by rural areas and others from the interior of the country and for these to also be appreciated and confronted with other poetic and narrative voices. In secondary and higher education programs in the panorama of Peruvian literature, the presence of women has been almost non-existent and if they exist, they have not had a leading role but rather a secondary one. Historically, the female voice, the topics they address and, above all, the particular vision they had of their sociocultural and linguistic context have been minimized. But all this, thanks to the MEP, will take a tremendous turn in favor of the woman writer from any part of Peru, critical of her reality with proposals for her presence and function in the panorama of Peruvian and universal literature, in solidarity with her congeners and Andean nature. That is the importance of this MEP, in which the woman writer is made visible, the one who writes whether in Spanish, Quechua, Awajun or any other native language; “the one that extends ties for a happy, equitable coexistence for the sake of the human race and the one that is capable of expressing itself openly, the one that will never stop learning and sharing.”

How many authors does the Map of Peruvian Women Writers cover?

There are around 200 Peruvian writers on the list and there must be many more that will be discovered and known later according to the research that is carried out. The Map of Peruvian Women Writers is a growing research project, which will be carried out through installments that aim to gradually cover all Peruvian writers from the various regions.

Among the 25 authors of this second phase we can mention: Cecilia Podesta, Chonon Bensho, Claudia Ulloa, Cucha del Águila, Dalmacia Ruiz Rosas, Denisse Vega, Enriqueta Beleván, Ethel Barja, Fátima Carrasco, Gloria Cáceres, Jennifer Thorndike, Katya Adaui, Lucía Ríos Umiyauri, Magdalena Chocano, Mariana de Althaus, Marisa Godínez, Nereida Apaza, Patricia Roberts, Rocío Silva Santisteban, Rosina Valcárcel, Sonia Luz Carrillo, Tania Castro, Tilsa Otta, Valeria Román and Zelideth Chávez.

The Map of Peruvian Women Writers on the networks

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