Manufacturers don’t want to use the bird flu vaccine

So far only four Cajeme herds have been found to be affected by the disease, with the rest remaining under quarantine as it is a nationwide measure.

Although it was scheduled to be applied 5 million vaccines for avoid infections from bird flu in more than 180 farms in Sonorathe poultry sector he asked that they not be used while this was under control disease.

The owner of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Compatible) in Sonora, Plutarco Sanchez Patinocommented that the manufacturers from egg and chicken they did this request so as not to affect the marketing of the productsas it can cause diseases in the aves.

“The same poultry group has asked us for an extension because if the outbreak is controlled as it is at the moment and if the quarantine is lifted, vaccination is not needed, if we don’t vaccinate it is better for the commercial issue, in the end you inject the virus, so are all vaccines, they don’t want it for the health issue because it means having to put the virus in for the protection of animals”He explained.

However, he recalled, it was agreed that in case a new farm hang out with this the disease will proceed immediately with the vaccination statewide.

“If it spreads and they see the danger that the number of farms could increase with the studies we have done, vaccination would start immediately because we cannot jeopardize the health issue in the state”He explained.

The federal official ensured they were made corresponding exams in the farmsbut called the characters they have birds in them homes so that they are aware of any illnesses that children may suffer from animals.

“The symptom of birds is distemper and they die. It’s important for people to know that if they see any disease they can get close to the workshops de Sader (Suffragio and Guerrero streets) to report, we will deal adequately with the health issue and see what can be done”accurate.

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