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During the evening Cyrus Immobile intervened at Sportitalia. The Neapolitan forward spoke about his past in Pescara, where it all began, and his present in Rome, on the blue and blue side. At Lazio, Immobile achieved his greatest successes by winning the golden boot in the 19/20 season.

Ciro Immobile at Sportitalia

Immobile’s interview with Sportitalia

Here is what is highlighted:

How important is it to score?
“Scoring a goal is always nice, however you do it. When I started doing this sport, I always believed in true value and passion. It has become my passion, my daily bread.

When I meet fans by team, I am filled with joy when they compliment me on Ciro as a man and not just Ciro as a footballer. I’m happy when people talk about me as a person because when I stop playing, that’s what’s left.”

My experience at Pescara?
“Ciro di Pescara was a single boy in a team of guys who wanted to emerge: Pescara started with 2000 people at the team presentation, we did an incredible job.

There were teams of great value that we overtook and finished first. Ciro now has 4 children, who he thinks about improving, who he looks to the future both on and off the pitch ”.

“What I’m doing with Lazio is truly incredible: the daily affection pushes me to always give my best. We feel at home, we are now of “Roman adoption”: 50% of the blood, however, is always Neapolitan”.

No doubts about the Scudetto fight: Napoli has the advantage

When asked about the Scudetto fight, Immobile is sure: the Naples he’s ahead, even if the Winter World Cup could affect the second part of the championship.

“I think Napoli have a big advantage right now, especially in terms of points. With the world championship, it’s a new thing: if he can keep up that pace he has an important advantage. We are fighting with great teams”.

My relationship with Lotito?
“I have a fantastic relationship with the president, the best a footballer can have: I have a contract that binds me to the club for another 3 years, as long as I’m here I’ll give everything for this shirt.

If one day I want to make a life choice, we’ll talk about it sincerely. Now I’m focusing on the pitch and on what I can give, even afterwards, since I’m captain.”

Raspadori new property?
“I think he’s technically stronger than me, with fewer goals: fewer strikers. For the national team game, he is useful for his ability to integrate and be hungry. As a footballer, he is a very valuable footballer. He’s a good guy and that counts for a lot.”

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