Man City VS Copenhagen 5-0: Sailboats open the house to beat rivals and become a joke.

Man City-Copenhagen: 5-0 | The “Blue Sailboats” army is forming strong, not collecting 3 points in the UEFA battle Success in the Champions League and first in the group After opening at home against Copenhagen 5-0 with a goal from Erling Haaland who scored only two goals before adding by Riyad Mahrez and Julian Alvarez every goal from the visiting team An own goal by David Kocholava sent him to the bottom of the group with 1 point.

Football Uefa Champions League

Manchester City-Copenhagen 5-0.

football match uefa Champions League 2022/23 Wednesday evening, 5 October It was a match on the pitch in the group stage, match 3 Manchester City “The Blues”. Open the Etihad Stadium to meet you Copenhagen The famous Danish team

OBJECTIVE!! Starting the match in the first half in the 7th minute, the hosts quickly took the lead as Joao Cancelo opened the ball into the penalty area and Erling Haaland had elaborately whipped with just the right focus. Passing the ball beautifully over the net, Man City lead 1-0.

At 11 ‘the Blues get up in attack from the moment Bernardo Silva hits the ball right in the penalty area. moved to play the way to the ball at the near post But the ball was pushed into the post and rebounded unfortunately.

On 22 minutes, Man City continued to invade the game. And the moment when Erling Haaland hit a full clause in the penalty area The ball hits the ball under the crossbar, but Camille Grabara still shows a great save.

OBJECTIVE!! At 33 ‘the defenders escape 2 goals from Sergio Gomez’s long-range shot, ball into goal and Camil Grabara touches the ball, but not out of danger, enters Erling Haaland. Manchester City took the lead 2-0.

OBJECTIVE!! In the 40th minute City scored their third goal since Sergio Gomez shone outside the box. The ball flew in front of the goal. But the rebounded ball, David Kocholava made the ball change at his own goal in front of him. Manchester City lead 3-0.

The first half ended with Manchester City leading 3-0 over Copenhagen.

OBJECTIVE!! In the second half of the 55th minute, the defenders received a penalty from the moment Aymeric Laporte was dragged into the penalty area and Riyad Mahrez took it upon himself to commit suicide and made no mistake, putting Man City ahead by 4- 0.

In the 74th minute, Copenhagen took the pace of the attack from the shot of Paul Mugairu, who fired into the penalty area. But going to the defender, Man City got the ball out of the back

OBJECTIVE!! In the 76th minute, Man City scored 5 goals from the moment Riyad Mahrez entered the penalty area. Before being elaborately opened, Julian Alvarez ran to load the ball directly in front of the goal and fired without rest, leading the hosts 5-0.

The rest of the time there are no additional goals. At the end of the match, Manchester City won 5-0 at home to Copenhagen, climbing to 9 points in three games to stay ahead of the group, while Copenhagen are at the bottom of the group with 1 point.

List of 11 starting players on the pitch

Manchester City: Ederson Moraes (GK), Sergio Gomez, Aymeric Laporte, Ruben Dias, Joao Cancelo, Riyad Mahrez, Ilkay Gundogan, Bear, Nardo Silva, Jack Grealish, Erling Haaland, Julian Alvarez

FC Copenhagen: Kamil Grabara (GK), Kevin Dicks, Denis Wavro, David Kocholava, Victor Christiansen, Marco Stamenic, Lucas Lera, Ger, Isaac Bergmann Johannesson, Victor Klasson, Mamudu Karamogo, Mohamed Darami

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