They brought in the guarantor of the murder of the banker Stanka Marangozova

The accused as guarantor of the banker’s murder – businessman Ivo Maslarov, was arrested in Germany and extradited on a flight to Sofia today, he reported BNT.

On 19 October 2019, banker Stanka Marangozova was conspicuously hit by a motorcyclist in front of her home near the capital’s District Hospital. Investigators arrested NSO officer Boris Ivanov as the organizer of the attempt and Petar Kostov as the perpetrator of the murder.

Businessman Ivo Maslarov turned out to be the guarantor, wanted with a red Interpol notice and a European arrest warrant. The unstable financial relations between the guarantor Maslarov and the victim Marangozova are cited as the reason for the wet order.

According to BNT sources, Maslarov was taken into custody by the National Investigation a few minutes ago and the prosecutor is about to ask for his definitive arrest.

On 10 October 2019, the banker was shot dead in her car in the capital’s Mladost district by a motorcyclist who had hidden his gun in a bouquet of artificial white roses.

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