Malaysian Actor Surprised to Eat at Salt Bae Restaurant After IDR 33 Million, Netizens: Can Make Meals for a Year

LONDON, – One actor origin MalaysiaAeril Zafrel, was shocked by the bill he had to pay after enjoying at his steakhouse Nusret Gokce alias Salt Bae London branch, UK.

Reported World of BuzzAeril had to spend 10,065.54 ringgit or around Rp. 33.9 million to pay the bill at the restaurant.

Initially, Aeril was accompanied by his wife, Wawa Zainal, and some of their friends visited Salt Bae’s restaurant in London.

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They seem to be enjoying the visit to the restaurant in a short video shared by Aeril on her Instagram account.

They also enjoyed the performance of cutting steak which was directly done by Salt Bae, assisted by several waiters.

With his trademark skill, Salt Bae slices the cooked steak medium-rare into several pieces.

Then, Salt Bae took a pinch of salt and sprinkled it on the steak in his signature style, and the crowd cheered.

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After that, Aeril and his entourage enjoyed the steak.

After the meal, Aeril and his entourage looked shocked when they saw the bill to be paid.

Aeril was stunned and nodded her head when she paid the bill of 10,065.54 ringgit or around Rp. 33.9 million.

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