Maksimenko is warned in the Japanese championship match

Vitaly Maksimenko Photo: Omis “Ardija”

Defender of the Latvian national football team Vitaly Maksimenko On Wednesday, he earned a yellow card in Japan’s second league game, unable to save his team Omi’s “Ardia” from a minimal loss.

“Ardia” lost to Fukuoka “Avispa”, the fifth strongest team in the championship, with 0: 1 (0: 0).

That was his third goal of the match – a hat trick for Maksimenko. The defender earned a yellow card in the 85th minute.

Omi’s team lost the only goal in this duel in the 65th minute when Huanma Delgado accurately hit.

After 19 game rounds, “Ardia” takes 13th place with 25 points.

Last year, the Ardia team won the third place in the second division of Japan in terms of strength and earned the opportunity to fight for a place in the strongest championship. Omi’s unit already suffered a loss in the first round, so this season must also be strengthened in the second league.

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