Will Marco Borsato get a second chance? ‘My first true love’

Marco Borsato and his great love Leontine have now been over and out for more than six months. Leontine seems to handle the break well, in contrast to Marco, who is still struggling with a burnout. But Marco does not have to deal with this without a wife by his side, because his ex-lover Denise pops up again in his life: “We text a lot”.

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Marco and Leontine’s divorce has been finalized: the papers have been signed, their love nest has been sold and Marco moved back in with his mother. A well-known place for him: he once lived here with his ex Denise Boekhoff. And handy enough: Denise still lives around the corner, which means the two are practically neighbors.

Marco’s flirty reactions to Denise’s Instagram photos also indicate that the two are fanning an old flame. He responded to her photo: “You are still beautiful”…


Leontine Borsato enjoys bachelor life ‘So grateful’

‘First real great love’

For the first time, Marco’s ex opens a book about their alleged rendezvous. She tells Story that after all these years she still supports him: “I really feel sorry for him!”. She says she is happy that her ex contacted: “I am happy that Marco has made himself heard again.”

She looks back fondly on their relationship: ,, We went through a very important period together. That you are each other’s first love, but also his breakthrough. There were so many beautiful moments that we were able to experience together. That remains special. Even if you are no longer together and you become happy with someone else. ”

‘Special place’

Denise still has warm feelings for her ex: “Marco has a special place in my heart. And it always will be. ” Denise also responds to the rumors that she and Marco are picking up the love thread again:

“It is true that we have contact. But not physically. I am single and I like that life. Marco and I have not seen each other either. I know that he now lives in Alkmaar. But I haven’t been to his house. We do text a lot, and now and then a call. Marco especially wants a lot of rest and I wish him that. I hope he will recover soon. ”

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