Mairis Briedis shows his naked torso and demonstrates strength – splitting firewood

Latvia’s best boxer Mairis Briedis often delights supporters with various photos and videos. Fans enjoy boxer activity on social networks, as it is an opportunity to look into his private life.

In one of Maira’s last published photos, he can be seen just after visiting the sauna.

Mairis Briedis publishes a romantic shot with a woman

The athlete stands by the sauna, holding the sauna brooms in his hands and showing himself, only in a towel wrapped around his waist.

Celebrity fans can’t stop admiring the boxer’s abdominal muscles that create the perfect “six-pack.”

Video: dance helps Mairis Briedis have fun opening the grill season

Photo: boxer Mairis Briedis “plays” with fire

However, in the last video released, Mairis shows himself in action – the athlete spends his holidays cutting wood.

The power of the boxer is useful – the big block is split with a few strokes of the ax.


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