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The Guardia Civil the Command of the chief of Gijón has been arrested two people dedicated to drug trafficking, in particular of marijuana, from the Levante of Spain. It’s about two men of 49 and 35 years, residents of Avilés and Murcia, respectively.

On the morning of Saturday last, members of the Comandancia de la Guardia Civil Gijon, rode a strong and discreet surveillance device in the environment of one of the industrial estates of Carreño, after having news that may occur as a important delivery of drugs. The agents were able to observe as a little after 13:00 hours came to that polygon an articulated truck stopping in front of a shipin which moments before had opened the gate.

The truck is lowered two boxes of large size that crept in to the nave, which gave place to the members of the device came to intervene, blocking the vehicle and identifying the two people. Once we proceeded to the opening of the two wooden boxes, which were sealed with plastic film, it was confirmed that contained a total of 73 packages of marijuana.

Packaging of the marijuana

Each package was double packed and heat-sealed, to prevent their characteristic odor give him away its contents. Each one of them was marked with your variety, a total of nine. In the intervention have been seized different varieties of marijuana with a total weight of almost 76 pounds that would occur in the market a value superior to the 120,000 euros.

The detainees they took advantage of of the facilities that gives the transport of goods by road, to avoid the stockouts of the population with the occasion of the declaration of a State of Alarm decreed by the Government in the wake of the health crisis of the COVID-19. The employment of this means of transportation allowed skip the restrictions of mobility and confinement imposed by the authorities. Thus ensuring, on the one hand the transport by truck of the marijuana from the Lift up to Asturias. Later it was going to be distributed in function of the different varieties, using a van emblazoned with the name of a courier companythat one of the detainees had created, which allowed her ease of movement by the autonomous community.

The research follows open, so do not discount further arrests.


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