Mairis Briedis responds to harsh criticism of boxing promoter Eddie Hern – Martial Arts – – Sports

Briedis also revealed that he was preparing for his next fight, which is scheduled for March in Australia against Jay Opetaya.

“You know, it’s my life and my choice. You always have to look at yourself, not at someone else’s work. It’s my body. It’s like poker – I go to the whole bank. Yes, it’s a crazy idea for me and my family, but “We will see what happens next. I hope that such ideas will come to life in order to fight the loud words in the United States. This is also the name of Paul,” said Briedis.

Paul, 24, has spent five fights in his boxing career, winning all of them.

Paul described Deer as a smart person who knows how to attract public attention. “There are people in the boxing world who should learn from him,” said Briedis. “He’s an attractive guy.”

Hurne believes that the world’s number one in the first heavyweight division should not be called a “Youtube” celebrity in the fight. That is shameful.

“Eddie, I’m ready! Make me a good offer and we’ll show you a fantastic boxing fight with Lawrence Ocoli. You’re silent. But now you’re out. Forward …” Briedis said.

“He said I’m not serious? But now he’s talking about me. It’s my body. I’ll do my best to achieve my goals.”

The deer also said that he would like to meet the famous Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in the boxing ring.

On January 13, Briedis celebrated his 37th birthday. During his professional career, he has won 29, 20 of which have been slaughtered.



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