Gf Vip 6, the summary of the thirty-fourth episode

The thirty-fourth episode of the GF VIP 6 with the usual Friday appointment. To the management like every week Alfonso Signorini, accompanied by commentators Sonia Bruganelli e Adriana Volpe.

The evening began with a clip on the disagreements that arose between the vipponi after the last episode When Nathaly Caldonazzo it was the public favorite. This evening Nathaly e Katia Ricciarelli they put their backs to the led and gieffini clearly sided with one or the other. Soleil Rises, Manila Nazzaro, Valeria Marini, Carmen Russo, Giucas Casella, Davide Silvestri e Barù they stood next to Katia, while all the others took the side of the Caldonazzo.

The public’s preference towards Nathaly gave rise to an exchange of views and digs between the latter and Manila and during the episode the former Miss Italy in this regard he stated:

I have known her for a long time, in fact I also wanted her in the room. Then she moved and changed completely.

Very exciting moment then for Gianmaria Antinolfi who got to see her mother again after so many months. But before seeing his mother Esmeralda he told a little about his son:

He was a beautiful but terrible child. They called him Attila and he spoke in bursts. Gianmaria she suffered a lot from the separation with her father. The second marriage was the most day of my life because there were children. Achille e Gianmaria they wanted an immense good. Now he is gone but his teachings are carried in his heart. I have been very strict and strict with them. I know that if I ever need him, he will always be there.

Then Mom joined him in the garden and added:

I came because I promised you. You have been very good because you have moved on like a rock. These months have brought you out into the open. Hi since every piece of you is a wonderful piece. I love you. […] Love will find you, you have to live it in a relaxed way. I would like to say a Soleil, Sophie e Federica: take care of it.

“Ior I’m the man I am and thanks to you“, He replied Gianmaria.

In the thirty-fourth episode of the Gf, one of the topics that has held the spotlight in recent weeks was discussed, namely the complicity born between Sophie Codegoni e Alessandro Basciano; the latter pointed out that their misunderstandings are only the result of the fear of falling in love, while the former tronista added:

We are understanding each other and we are getting to know each other. We need to find a balance. It takes a lot of patience when it comes to me. He comes to meet me a lot. I have to learn to trust.

It was then time for the entry of Delia Duran in the House. The first person he met was precisely Soleil whose Delia he said:

I didn’t come here to argue with you or go against you. I came here to talk face to face. We’ll have time to talk, so don’t worry, the rest doesn’t interest me.

The spirits then overheated and the two discussed heavily, each remarking his point of view, to the point that he also intervened Alex Belli to calm them down and advised them both to talk and explain.

For the three girls who were nominated, that is Soleil, Carmen e Federica Calemme, it was then time to find out the outcome of the televoting and was eliminated from the public Carmen.

The House immunes were tonight Manila, Manuel, Katia e Soleil. While, Sonia he chose Davide Silvestri e Adriana he opted for Nathaly.

Exciting surprise for too Alessandro who was first shown a clip with some photos of her son Nicolò and immediately after a video message that moved him a lot in which Nicolò he reiterated how much he loves him and how much he misses you.

The thirty-fourth episode of the Gf then continued with the usual ones nomination. Miriana Trevisan, Lulu e Jessica Selassié they nominated Valeria Marini e Giacomo Urtis which in turn they appointed Federica. Gianmaria, Sophie, Alessandro e Federica made the name of Kabir Bedi, Barù he voted Sophie, while Kabir he nominated Antinolfi.

Giucas Casella, Manila, Manuel, Davide e Katia have chosen Federica. Nathaly he nominated Valeria e Giacomo e Soleil made the name of Miriana.

They will therefore be competing in televoting Federica, Kabir and the couple formed by Giacomo e Valeria, but none of them will leave the House next week, because the outcome of the televoting will not be eliminatory.


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