Main focus of coronavirus in the United States, New York digs mass graves

INTERNATIONAL – Terrible influx on Hart Island. Located a stone’s throw from the Bronx district, New York, the island has been the scene of increased activity for several days, in the midst of the coronavirus. Contract workers hired by the city of New York dig mass graves there to deal with the frequency of arrival of corpses, as you can find out in the video at the top of this article.

The use of Hart Island as a cemetery is nothing new: since the 19th century, authorities have buried the dead of New York there without family, friends, or simply impossible to identify. But while in a typical week, an average of twenty-five graves were dug, today twenty-four bodies arrive each by boat. refrigerated.

Asked whether this sudden influx was due to deaths from the coronavirus, officials at New York City Hall declined to answer, saying they would have to investigate the cause of these deaths before confirming this theory. Faced with the congestion of the New York morgue since the start of the pandemic, the city had in any case made it known that the island could be used to temporarily store the bodies.

The United States recorded 1,783 daily deaths Thursday, according to the Johns Hopkins University local 8:30 p.m. Thursday count. This daily toll, lower than that of the day before (+1,973 dead), brings to 16,478 the total number of deaths recorded in the country, the country most bereaved in the world by the pandemic after Italy.

New York State is by far the main focus of the American epidemic, with more than 7,000 dead. It posted a new record increase in the past 24 hours (+799), but the number of new hospitalizations has never been lower, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Thursday.

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