They will deliver $500 monthly checks in the United States through the “Rise Up Cambridge” program

In order to apply for a guaranteed income program of $500.00 USD per month, a Massachusetts county recently opened a call. This is the Rise Up Cambridge program, precisely from Cambridge County, Massachusetts.Those who wish to apply must fill out an application on the website, which is available from June 1 to July 31.

In this regard, the Cambridge County website states that Rise Up Cambridge is a $22 million commitment. This aims to provide assistance to families with children, using funds received from the Federal Law of the American Rescue Plan.

What requirements are needed to qualify?

The first requirement is to be a Cambridge resident and be at least 18 years old. Households must have one person under the age of 21 and their income must be equal to or less than 250% of the poverty level.

On the other hand, two-person households, such as mother and child, will be eligible if they earn no more than $49,300.00 USD per year. Meanwhile, households of three will be eligible if their annual income does not exceed $62,150.00 USD.

Also, the income limit increases slightly with each additional household member. Therefore, the amount of income for a household’s eligibility depends on how many people live in it.

The Cambridge County Government also noted that this is an effective anti-poverty strategy. It also allows residents to decide how best to meet their financial needs and goals.

An important aspect is that this initiative has no restrictions on how recipients can spend the funds. Likewise, those who qualify will receive $500.00 USD per month for 18 months, which represents a total of $9000.00 USD

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This is a program that does not require citizenship, so all that is needed is proof of state residency. In addition, the money that is received monthly will not have to be declared as taxable income.

Finally, the beneficiaries they can earn extra money by participating in surveys or documenting their experiences in the program.

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