Maeva Ghennam: She makes a beautiful statement to her mom on Instagram!

Back in France for a few days, Maeva Ghennam made a nice statement to her mom on Instagram today. Discover the famous publication right here.

While we thought they were reconciled for good, Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega separated again a few days ago. And if Greg Yega did not fail to give his version of the facts on the networks, Maeva also spoke on her Snapchat account. Remember, she wrote: ” I’m beginning to be fed up with it. I give my trust and my love to men who don’t deserve me! I have the feeling that I am being used and that they love to pass me off as the bad guy. He wants to pass himself off as the victim who has the gift of crying on command! “

Before continuing by explaining that Greg had disrespected her many times over the past three years, and that he had manipulated her! And finally to add that she never wanted to deal with her ex again! If Internet users wait for the next season of Marseillais to be convinced, as if that were not enough, the candidate underwent a heavy operation of the foot at the end of last week. The least we can say is that the postoperative period is not easy for Maeva!

Maeva Ghennam: A statement that touches the fans!

And if the bombshell Maeva can count on the support of her mom during her convalescence, she made a beautiful statement to her today on Instagram. Indeed, under an unpublished photo in his company, the emblematic candidate of Marseillais wrote : “I love you for life mom. Thank you for always being there for me thank you for making me the woman that I am. Thank you for always supporting me thank you for being there mom that you are. The best mom in the world thank you for always pulling me up. Without you I’m nothing I’m so lucky to have a mom like that. I’m not telling you enough but if you only knew how much I love you mom. ” Isn’t that cute? What do you think ?

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