Madeleine Egle wins single-seater race in Lake Placid

“I fidgeted a bit in the second one, I’m glad it turned out. It was a wild ride. Winning the World Cup on an American track where the Americans are so strong is really cool. Everything came together.” said Madeleine Egle after the classic race. In the sprint she couldn’t get past fourth place, Taubitz won. Schulte came sixth and Prock eighth.

After the classic double competition, Selina Egle/Kipp also won the sprint; in the men’s category, Thomas Steu/Wolfgang Kindl also came in second, just like the day before. Yannick Müller/Armin Frauscher came in fifth place, Friday’s third place Juri Gatt/Riccardo Schöpf this time in seventh place.

In the single-seaters, German Max Langenhan’s sprint success resulted in third place for Nico Gleirscher, Jonas Müller came fourth, David Gleirscher seventh and Wolfgang Kindl eighth. It was also a second podium finish in the USA for Nico Gleischer, who also came third in the single-seater on Friday. There was second place for Müller.

The Austrian association achieved a total of nine podium places. Much to the delight of head coach Christian Eigentler: “We had very intensive preparation and put a lot of energy into athletic training and building the sled. Such a strong start is of course a dream and I’m happy for the entire team. We did a lot of things right “But we also saw in which areas we still need to improve.” We continue next week in Whistler.

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