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Macron: Shameful images of police brutality against black man

“I urge the government to quickly come up with a proposal that will restore trust between the French and those who protect them,” Macron said. He also wants the fight against all forms of discrimination in the country to be intensified.

Macron writes that he will never accept violence against the police, any more than violence by the police. “Those who keep the law must obey the law.” The statement on Facebook is the French president’s first public response.


The police officers are suspended after surfacing of the images. Both the police themselves and the French Public Prosecution Service have opened an investigation. On Tuesday, the government ordered an investigation after officers were filmed at the violent eviction of a migrant camp in Paris.

At the same time there is a fierce discussion about one in the country recently adopted by parliament law restricting the French from showing photos and images of police operations. The law is still under review by the Constitutional Council.

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