MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon announced in November

Apple is coming up with another launch event, according to a new rumor. The first MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon would be announced in November.

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MacBook with Apple Sillicon announced in November

Mark Gurman from news website Bloomberg reports that Apple is the first MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon, in addition to ‘other products’, launches in November 2020. This statement is in line with the reports of the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple says goodbye to Intel chips with the arrival of Apple Silicon. The Cupertino company has had regular conflicts with Intel in recent years and, according to rumors, has wanted to switch to an alternative for some time. So that has become Silicon, Apple’s own chips. With the arrival of this own chip, all Apple products will soon be made with the same technology.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that Apple’s upcoming Macs exceed their Intel equivalents in both performance and energy efficiency. For example, the latest Apple devices can handle a wide variety of tasks faster and offer longer battery life.

Apple postpones launch of AirTag and AirPods Studio

While it’s not an easy task to create a carefully produced live stream, Apple is up to the challenge of hosting three media events in three months. Never before have three major announcements been made so close together.

We don’t have to expect an announcement from the AirTag during this third event. Lekker Jon Prosser claims today that the AirTags launch has been postponed to March 2021. Prosser also shares something about the AirPods Studio, Apple’s over-ear headphones. Contrary to previous rumors, this will not be revealed during the iPhone 12 event, according to Prosser. Since production has not yet been completed, Apple is delaying the announcement until November.

In short, in November we now expect the arrival of the MacBook with Apple Silicon and the AirPods Studio. Enough to look forward to.

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