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Luis Lacalle Pou is the most popular president on the continent – 2024-04-25 04:35:04

Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou. EFE/ Raul Martinez

The president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pouhas ousted the Ecuadorian from the first place of the South American presidents with the highest approval rating Daniel Noboaaccording to the survey corresponding to the month of April CB Consultanta company specialized in the study of the social climate and the projection of electoral scenarios.

Just yesterday, in a referendum, Ecuadorians expressed broad support for Noboa’s proposals to strengthen the fight against organized crime, but they largely turned their backs on his economic reforms to create employment through the legalization of hourly contracts and attract investments to the accept international arbitrations in any jurisdiction.

Lacalle Pou, who will hand over the Presidency of Uruguay to the winner of the elections to be held on October 27, last month had a popularity index of 54.2% and in April it has risen to 58%, while Noboa fell from 62.5% to 57.8%.

Daniel Noboa indicated that he will travel and will be in Miami, United States, until April 13, to attend to personal matters.

Third place goes to the Paraguayan Santiago Peña, who jumped from 48.5% to 52.9%, while the Argentine Javier Mileywhich ranked third last month, is in fourth place, despite growing slightly, from 51.2% to 52.6%.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Milei faces a strike by teachers, students and the university community in protest against the freezing of budgets and salaries and in defense of public education, against the adjustments of his Government.

At the opposite extreme, the Venezuelans remain Nicolas Maduro -which drops from 45.4% to 40.9% approval-, the Bolivian Luis Arce -which drops from 41.9% to 40.5%- and the Peruvian In Boluartewho continues to fall in the popularity index, since in March it was at 28.9% and this month it drops to 25.3%.

The Chilean Gabriel Boric went from 47.3% in March to 46.5% in April, and the Brazilian Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva rose slightly, from 51.2% to 52.6%.

Also the Colombian Gustavo Petro has improved its position on the list, going from 38.6% to 41.1%, despite the fact that this Sunday, thousands of Colombians took to the streets of the main capitals in the greatest demonstration of rejection of the president for the way in which the country is leading, especially the health field, and demand a change of course. EFE (I)

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