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more than half of Cuban migrants obtain citizenship – 2024-04-25 04:36:26

Cubans in the United States, one of the largest immigrant communities in the territory, have a naturalized majority, the country’s government reported.

According to a report on Naturalization Policy in the United States, published on April 15, Cuba is the seventh nation with the most residents in the territory, with 1,314,330 registered citizens.

But the entry has not occurred only in numbers, but has been formalized, since the majority of the Cubans who arrived have managed to obtain US citizenship, news that gives hope to those who are in the process of migrating or completing their process. migratory.

And of the almost one and a half million Cubans in the United States, 64% are already American citizens, 30% (around 390,000 people) could become citizens in the near future, and only 6% are not eligible to do so.

During fiscal year 2022, some 46,913 Cubans obtained citizenship, becoming the fourth nationality with the most naturalizations, only surpassed by the Philippines, India and Mexico.

The figures show the importance of the Cuban community in the United States, and give hope to those who are in the process of forming a new life in the North American country.Table of naturalization percentages.

In 2023 alone, more than 33,000 Cubans became citizens. One of the most recent cases was that of the singer Señorita Dayana, who just last week obtained the citizenship he had been seeking for a few years.

The largest Cuban migration in the US

Although Cubans have been a constant immigrant group for decades, in recent years the flow has increased due to various factors, including the economic and health crisis in Cuba, as well as the pandemic and the lack of energy.

Thus, while until 2018 the average number of Cuban emigrants was around 40,000 per year, in the last two years at least 533,000 Cubans arrived in the United States, 4.8% of the total Cuban population in the country (11.1 million).

The implementation of the humanitarian parole by the Joe Biden government has facilitated legal entry, contributing to this figure, with 83,000 Cubans arriving in the country through this route between March 2023 and March of this year.

Added to the above are more than 153,000 Cubans who are estimated to have entered the territory irregularly in 2023, according to a statement from the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP).

Florida is the epicenter of the Cuban diaspora in the United States, with almost 1 million Cubans who have settled in the state since the beginning of the exodus in 1959, and in fact, in the last two years, The country has received the largest number of immigrants from the Island since the aforementioned yearat the beginning of the “Cuban revolution.”

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