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Lucid air burned down in Warsaw. What kind of car is this? How much is it worth?

An electric Lucid Air burned down at the intersection of Niepodległości Avenue and Madalińskiego Street in Warsaw. The car, whose value in Poland is estimated at up to one million zlotys, is a rarity on European roads. Why is it special?

tvnwarszawa.pl reporter Artur Węgrzynowicz determined that the driver – wanting to avoid a collision with another vehicle – hit a lamp post. – The car burst into flames and burned completely – he explained. After 12 p.m., the services reported that the fire had been extinguished and the vehicle wreck had been towed away. – The driver was provided with medical assistance and is present at the scene of the incident – Ewa Kołdys, press officer of the Warsaw II District Headquarters, informed tvnwarszawa.pl.

Car fire in Warsaw’s MokotowienextIMAGE / Kontakt 24

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Lucid Air burned down in Warsaw. What kind of car is this?

Lucid air is a great rarity on our roads. The car that burned down was registered in Poland, and according to Marcin Orzepiński from TVN Turbo, it is probably the only such car in our country.

The car has been produced since 2021 by the American company Lucid Motors. Former Mazda designer Derek Jenkins is responsible for its concept, developed from scratch. The price of the cheapest model in the USA, the 430-horsepower Pure, starts at PLN 70,000. dollars (over PLN 285,000). For the most expensive version, Sapphire with an impressive power of 1,234 HP, we have to pay from PLN 250,000. dollars (over PLN 1 million). However, it is more expensive in Europe – according to last year’s price list, in Germany the Pure version costs PLN 110,000. euro, i.e. almost 500 thousand PLN, and Touring is PLN 20,000 more expensive. euro.

Lucid air on the street in New YorkRichard B. Levine/PAP

What draws special attention are the capabilities of this car. According to the manufacturer’s website, the Grand Touring version offered in the USA has a range of over 830 km, while charging the car for a range of 322 km (200 miles) takes only 12 minutes. It takes 2 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h.

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