Resaneo flies West with Visit California and improves the customer experience on its site

This is where Resaneo’s Branded Fares come into their own in order to simplify sales and after-sales management.

With Branded Fares, the travel agency visualizes the conditions of the ticket on a single page and offers the traveler the offer truly suited to their needs.

The other significant advantage is that with this greater autonomy the agency saves time by no longer needing to contact the set.

Finally, these offers allow the seller to book additional services such as luggage or seats directly when booking.

Armed with all this information, the agency is reassured and can fully play its advisory role by providing its clients with relevant information.

In concrete terms, if the agency has sold a Smart rate and its client calls it back to modify its return. All the seller has to do is search for the Smart fare again on the new date and calculate the price difference to offer it to their traveller.

If the latter gives his agreement, the agency goes to his order follow-up to make a modification request and our platform will confirm his new reservation by return.

In summary, between training, improvement of the sales experience and exclusive services, Resaneo is increasingly positioning itself as the major partner of agencies.

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