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At Angri the Agro derby against Paganese

L’Angri wins the agro derby against Paganese thanks to the network of Mansour in the first fraction. The Grigiorossi thus rise to 35 points in the standings and are now 2 points away from direct salvation. In the 21st minute the goal that decides the match arrives thanks to an amazing counterattack. Ascione who penetrates the penalty area and serves in the center for Mohamed Mansour who all alone in front of the goalkeeper deposits the ball into the net.

Angri-Paganese 1-0, the scoreboard

ANGRI: Palladino, Picascia, Schiavino, Allegra, Moltivier, Poziello (90′ Manè), Kljajic, Mansour (71′ Palmieri), De Marco (71′ Giorgio), Fabiano, Ascione. Available: Scarpato, Acampora, Herrera, Di Mauro, Rosolino, Sabatino. ALL: Stefano Liquidato.

PAGANESE: Grimaldi, De Feo (63′ Grimaldi), Montoro (63′ Coratella), Langella, Del Gesso, Setola, Faiello (63′ Left-handed), Porzio (85′ Petrosino), Iannone, Esposito, Donnarumma (82′ Orefice). Available: Cacciapuoti, De Gennaro, Galeotafiore, Simonetti. ALL: Quail.

REFEREE: Fabio Rinaldi from Nova Ligure

NET: Mansour (A)

NOTES – WARNINGS: Faiello (P), De feo (P), Allegra (A), Donnarumma (P), CORNERS: 4-6, RECOVERY: 2′ PT, 6′ ST

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