Low German news of October 21, 2021

Storm Ignaz arrived in northern Germany

Bremen – That Stormdeep Ignaz is in the northwest ankamen. Past Nacht sünd on the Autobahn 29 bi Ahlhorn and poor Bööm ümfullen.
In Deefholt, an overflowing tree closes the B-214. Bet now everything is still running at the track, one would like to be aware that this may soon change during the day. Towards noon it will be a light storm surge towards noon.
In Bremen and Bremerhaben again the night for the Füerwehr ahn great efforts.

Negotiations on the Ampel coalition are underway

Berlin – The worst sounds of SPD, Greens and FDP came in the afternoon in Berlin to start negotiations with the coalition. Toeerst warrt over Verfohrensfraagen snackt. As far as negotiation is concerned, the 22 working couples are likely to snack on it from tokamen week.

Prime Minister’s killings at Drakenborg Castle

Königswinter – The country boss is dropping off this morning at the annual conference at Drakenborg Castle in Königswinter near Bonn. Tomorrow, she wants to talk about the Corona Pandemic and what will happen to the Great Flood disaster in July. Bavento sounds like it’s about gambling.

Bremen equips Stratenlateern

Bremen – From tokamen week onwards, there are clearly more lamps in Bremen’s streets with LED lights. Now the city wants to equip another 19,000 lanterns. Two of the three were then started with the energy-saving lights. Every year, several million kilowatt-hours of electricity are stored there, says environmental shepherds.

Bayern beat Lisbon de Nees ahead

Munich – The FC Bayern stüert again dorop to, without the last sessteihn teams in the Champions League to came. De Münchner lifts 4 to 0 to Benfica Lisbon de Nees. If Bavaria wins in dat tweete Speel again against Lisbon, sin seker again.
As that in Momang utsüht, sünd de Plätz 1 bet 16 för den VfL Wulfsborg rutscht weed away. Bi den RB Salzborg got the Wülv mit 1 to 3 örntlich one on the Mutz. That again the spring Daalslag behind ‘nanner in and Plichtspeel.

That Weather

We are now looking at the weather: in Bremen and Grotenkneten we have 10 degrees, in Bremerhaben and Em it rises at 11 degrees. Today begins the day with thick clouds and rain showers. Here and there this can also give powerful lightning and thunder. In the afternoon clouds with light rain will prevail. At noon clouds with light rain will prevail. Liekers plaaddert dat hier un dor, ok Gewidder un Grisselgrussel sind möglich. The wind is blowing freshly strong, may ween ok strong stormy, to´n part sind swore stormboen possible. In the afternoon winds increase and are brisk with strong gusts in the coast. That thermometer showed us dorbi 9 bet 14 Degree. During the night it rains in the German bay, south of Bremen it rains much less rain, here and there the clouds pull off and how can the stars sparkle. That thermometer was 10 or 7 degrees. On Friday it will be overcast with light rain for a while. Man ok Grisselgrussel is again possible. For the sun it is not so easy to push the clouds, you can do it in the North Sea because you want to spend the afternoon. Un dat denn bi 7 bet 11 Grad.

Those were the Low German messages. Created by Michael Nendza. Op Platt is presented by Martina Brünjes.



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