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“Love Island”. Andzia and Arek had completely different ideas about their relationship. “Apparently you were playing”

16 episode “Love Island. The island of love“is a continuation of drama. Will Ola establish a relationship with a new participant? Who did he choose? Simon?

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“Love Island”. Bruno explains the secret of his relationship with Monika

Monika Miller gave up dreadlocks first, now blond. She went crazy with the color!

“Love Island”. A test of acquaintance with couples

“Love Island. The Island of Love” hosts participants thirsting for love on the island for the fourth time. However, Icelanders find it hard to bear each other’s moods. Angelika and Klaudia clashed quite hard, which affected all the other inhabitants of the island.

Szymon consoled Andzia and admitted that everyone needed space. Arek presented his version of Claudia’s events. It did not agree with the description of the girl’s relationship. There was another sharp conversation between them.

Apparently you were playing. You can’t talk. I always admit when I am wrong. Maybe not you, because you hurt me – answered Arek. He also added: Thank you for everything because I had a nice time with you and I thought it was going in the right direction. However, as always, I was wrong.

Arek, despite assurances, decided not to leave “Love Island”. On the other hand, Szymon, choosing Ola, put Jędrek in an uninteresting situation.

“Love Island”. Internet users have their types

Fans of the program noticed Wiktor’s conversation and his comment on the whole matter. They believe that it is Magda and her chosen ones who have a chance to win.

Wiktor restores faith in guys. Cultural, intelligent, treats women with respect and still handsome. It is nice to look at them.

Eventually they showed them. They must be happy, the only couple that could threaten them broke up.

What do you think about Magda and Wiktor, are they strong candidates to win this edition?

Agata DoubtAgata Duda at a meeting with other first ladies. The stylist criticized her quite well

How will the fate of the islanders turn out? Viewers will see the new episode of the dating show on Polsat on Friday at 10:10 pm.

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