Lots of people charge their phones incorrectly. Never do that

The vast majority of Poles have at least one telephone. Of course, smartphones need to be charged regularly. If someone uses these devices intensively, they must connect them to the socket even every day.

Unfortunately, some people do it incorrectly. What are the errors when charging the phone?

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Charging your phone. Don’t make these mistakes

What other errors are there? Many people replace original chargers from the manufacturer with cheaper ones (substitutes), which usually do not meet safety standards. Plugging in replacement batteries and leaving them for several hours can be very dangerous.

Always use original accessories. Additionally, we should charge the phone in a well-ventilated place, on a flat and hard surface. You must make sure that the cable is not kinked or covered.

It is best to connect the phone to the charger when the battery level drops to 20%. In addition, it is worth checking whether our smartphone has the charging optimization function. If so, it is recommended to enable it.

2023-12-04 12:37:09
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