Special episode of the long-running RTL “Bauer sucht Frau”: Horse hostess from Pömbsen has a partner at her side: Nils wants to marry Denise – Höxter district

In the Höxter district, however, the couple will probably not say yes: The attractive farmer has not lived in Pömbsen since the end of 2020.

“Much has been done. After all the back and forth between men, I now have a new partner by my side and I hope that this is the right one, ”explains the 32-year-old in the Special episode of the 16th season of the dating format
auspicious. Her new love is no stranger: It is Nils from Rendsburg near Eckernförde, whom she invited to get to know before the court week, but then sent straight back home to the north. The young farmer was not discouraged and stayed on the ball: “Nils tried again and again to show me that he was the right one for me and that I made the wrong decision. And now we’ve really found each other. I am very grateful and happy about it. ”

Together, the couple moved into a courtyard in need of renovation in northern Germany. “I’m incredibly happy here on the farm with him!” Denise showed her new home for the first time in January 2021 on the social media platform Instagram. For Christmas, Nils had prepared a special surprise for his great love. A ring was hidden in a can of chips under the tree. “I asked Denise at Christmas if she would like to marry me. Why should I lose time with a woman I’m really sure of? ”Says Nils. Denise is already forging big plans for the day, as she told the TV audience: “I want the wedding to be a little more extravagant than the proposal: a very large cake, in a castle or a palace, and I definitely want it a white dress with what feels like a 20 meter long veil! ”Well, that sounds like a real fairytale wedding. And all in white, the audience can imagine the attractive organic farmer.

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“I’m looking for a strong man to lean on,” said the horse landlady in her appeal to “Farmer seeks a woman”. She would like a partner who supports her in her daily work on the farm, with whom she can cook together in the evening and enjoy a drink on the terrace. Period soldier Sascha (29) and pool attendant Till (31) were initially their favorites for the farm week. But then she decided on Nils and lets people share her happiness on Instagram. The RTL long-running hit “Bauer sucht Frau” has brought the two together. It is seldom that a peasant woman mingles with the peasants looking for a bride. Denise dared – and was the only woman among the farmers in the opening episode of the 16th season last year.

Moderator Inka Bause also stopped by at other farmers’ farms for the Easter special. And a lot has happened to them too. The television audience learned about moves, happiness and plans for the future.

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