Loss of Sense of Smell due to Corona Virus Can Lose Weight

Suara.com – Loss of sense of smell and taste buds are the most common symptoms corona virus Covid-19. Although the symptoms of the Covid-19 corona virus do not directly cause death, they are enough to change our lives in many ways.

Many studies have found loss of the sense of smell and taste as a long-term symptom of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

This proves that the Covid-19 corona virus can affect our sense of smell receptors and bring about changes to our sense organs.

Although the mechanism is not fully understood, the Covid-19 coronavirus is believed to be capable of infecting the cells that support neurons in the nose, causing a loss of the sense of smell.

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In most people quoted from Times of IndiaTheir sense of smell will return after 1 to 2 weeks of recovering from the Covid-19 corona virus. However, studies continue to report more severe implications of the same.

Illustration of the corona virus Covid-19 (Pixabay/Coyot)

According to experts, about 10 percent of people who lose their sense of smell continue to face physical health problems, even after 6 months have passed. Meanwhile, the sense of smell will return gradually although it can take some time.

However, not many know that losing the sense of smell is anosmia that can affect your daily lifestyle. Because, you may find it difficult to smell the aroma of food, cannot enjoy food and the food will taste bland.

All of these effects can reduce appetite, which ultimately results in decreased body weight. In a survey conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center of 322 respondents, it was found that the loss of smell due to the Covid-19 coronavirus can interfere with eating habits and cause weight loss.

As many as 55 percent of respondents said they lost their appetite and 37 percent showed symptoms of weight loss. Experts also indicate it as a nutritional deficiency.

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In addition, some researchers also believe that losing the sense of smell can have an impact on intimate relationships. A study by several researchers in collaboration with an online support group for people with post-Covid olfactory problems called AbScent.

The participants also expressed their feelings of loneliness, due to impaired sense of smell due to the corona virus. This condition makes them unable to kiss their partner and children. This situation actually creates a sense of separation and affects their intimate relationship.



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