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Los Angeles Dodgers Welcome Shohei Ohtani with Historic Contract

The Dodgers nine are all excited to be teammates with Shohei Otani.

Pitcher Shohei Ohtani has joined the Dodgers on a historic 10-year, $700 million (approximately 98.9 billion yen) contract, and his fellow players have welcomed him. With the Angels, he showed top-class performance in pitching and hitting, surprising not only fans but also major leaguers. It seems like they can’t wait for the season to start with the addition of that player.

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Pitcher Tyler Glasnow, who was traded from the Rays and signed a five-year contract extension, received a video message from Ohtani upon his transfer, saying, “I want to hit a home run for you.” “That was definitely one of the big factors. It’s the opportunity to play with probably the best player of all time. I played against him so I knew he was a great player,” he said, looking forward to playing together.

“He carries a lot of weight both on and off the field, like dealing with the media. He has plenty of excuses to be an asshole. I’ve heard from many people that he has his own ideas and is a level-headed person. I’m impressed,” he said, praising his humanity.

Pitcher Joe Kelly, who handed over his jersey number 17, was also pleased, saying, “I’m excited. He’s a great guy.” Regarding his wife Ashley’s posting of the “recruitment video” on social media, he said, “She was happy about the video and thanked me for (giving her) her uniform number.” . After that, Otani gifted him a new Porsche.

Infielder Gavin Lux appeared on the podcast “Foul Territory” and said with a wry smile, “I shook his hand. I also met his translator. He’s huge.” “He makes me feel like a kid when I stand next to him. I’m looking forward to playing with him. He’s a unicorn,” he said.

Infielder Max Muncy also praised the 10-year, $700 million mega contract on the same program, saying, “Oh my god, this is a huge amount of money,” and “I can’t predict what he’s going to do.” “We may have to quickly renovate Camelback Ranch (the team’s spring training facility in Glendale, Arizona). I think we’ll have to add a few more security guards,” he said, also suggesting ways to combat fever. .

Not only fans but also his teammates are curious to see what kind of performance Otani will show in 2024.

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