Lorella Cuccarini: “I found the right balance to feel good”. Now her life seems to revolve all around calisthenics!

Lorella Cuccarini, dazzling smile and enviable physical shape, from the age of 56 she always remains an icon of beauty and determination. But what is her secret? She likes to define herself “a 56 year old girl”And certainly the personal challenges do not scare her.

In a recent interview she said that in the last year she has managed to find a good physical and mental balancewhich led her to feel really good, staying away from drugs and possible ailments due to the passage of time.

In fact Lorella appears at the best of her physical form and her energy is also infecting all her fans. In the last period he wanted to reveal his secretspeaking of a still semi-unknown sport to which the children would have brought it closer: il calisthenics.

Lorella Cuccarini during an outdoor calisthenics workout

Lorella Cuccarini and the calisthenics

Discipline that has its roots in artistic gymnastics, the calisthenics over time it has developed characteristics that define it as a sport in its own right.

Lorella Cuccarini says she was looking for something that would allow her to recover some flexibility, to make the most of her energy and become more aware of his body. New stimuli that represented a challenge for both his body and his mind. Calisthenics seems to group all of these things together.

By working also muscle complexes that are often “forgotten”, calisthenics provides circuits in series using also different tools. Lorella Cuccarini admits that at the beginning it was rather complicated given the physical and mental effort that the discipline requires. But with time and a lot of determination, it’s having crazy results.

Her healthy routine includes three workouts per week with a coach. To this is added a journey with the nutritionist which helps her to always maintain the right body weight.

Therefore a new stimulating lifestyle, which promotes good health and physical and mental energy. Indeed from the photos and give video social that Lorella publishes, we are witnesses of her inexhaustible energy.

In the last video that portrays her at concert by Marco Mengoni, unleashes singing and dancing to the notes of the artist’s songs. The video was well received by the fans they see in Lorella Cuccarini a source of daily inspirationto live life fully and with intensity.

We are sure that after talking about the calisthenicsthe discipline will see many new members at the beginning of September!

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