Viral Woman Invites 9 Exes to Wedding to Bring Banners to the Aisle


This Chinese bride caused a stir at her wedding after nine of her former boyfriends came to her sacred event. Not without reason, the men were deliberately invited by the woman surnamed Ting.

From the video that has spread on social media, Ting looks like he is on the aisle wearing a white wedding dress. Then the nine former lovers simultaneously congratulated Ting while carrying banners.

The nine men were enough to become the center of attention of the guests, not to mention the large banners they brought with them. “All ex-girlfriends, congratulations. I wish Ting a happy marriage,” read the banner that the men carried while on the aisle.

After the post went viral on social media, Ting’s marriage went viral and caused controversy. Some say that the actions of the former are considered funny and make the wedding exciting.

But not a few netizens who blaspheme the bride who seeks sensation by inviting her nine exes. Netizens wondered how her husband felt when he saw the actions of his ex-wives, so that the woman from China was called the bravest bride in the world because it could threaten her marriage.

Not only that, the nine men who knew each other sat at a table that had the words ‘ex-girlfriend’ written on it. Some netizens suspect that their presence is just a ‘gimmick’.

Some netizens couldn’t believe that Ting dared to invite his exes. Some believe that the nine men are just classmates of the bride and carry banners to make the wedding atmosphere more pleasant.

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