Look carefully at the shape of the buttocks to understand a person’s state of health

Look carefully at the shape of the buttocks to understand the state of health of a person! Did you know that?

The buttocks of each person say a lot about his state of health. Many studies have confirmed that, where most of the body fat is concentrated, it is possible to see the health of the heart and blood vessels.
There are five types of buttocks and each of these can reveal the state of health of the person.

Look carefully at the shape of the buttocks to understand a person’s state of health. What are the shapes?

Square form

This form involves the accumulation of fat in the hips. This type of buttock could be caused by the presence of the stress hormone, cortisol. All those who have this square shape generally have difficulty with sleep and gain weight proportionally. You need to train right, especially on the hips. Typically, those who have this typical glute shape are prone to stroke and heart attack.

Heart-shaped buttocks

The heart-shaped buttocks, also called A-shaped, show a wider part downwards. People who have this shape, show wide hips, a thin waist and tend to lose weight more easily, but when they buy it, they gain weight in the abdomen. People with this shape of buttocks are more prone to heart disease in old age.

Round or circle buttocks

The circle buttock belongs to a healthy person. Women who have these glutes are the ones who generally tend to be smarter and healthier.

Inverted triangle shape also called a V

This form is typical of older women. With age, estrogen and collagen decrease and a decay of this part of the body begins.
All of this could cause heart problems, depression, urinary tract infection and weight gain.

Flat or sagging buttocks

They are typical of people who spend most of the day sitting, at the computer, in front of the TV, in the car, on the train, etc. The muscles of the buttocks atrophy, and stop supporting the body adequately.
In this case, you need to train your muscles by doing squats, at home, in the office or in front of the TV.

The shape of the buttocks depends on the state of health, so walk fast at least three times a week, do stretching, they greatly help everyone’s health.

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