Italy ranked the Czech Republic among the high-risk countries

The Czech Republic’s inclusion in the Italian list of high-risk countries was expected because the increase in the number of infected people could not be stopped. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already announced in advance that this change will take place.

People can take the test at the airport upon arrival in Italy.

So far, Italy has required negative tests for covid-19 only for arrivals from Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spain and some French regions.

In Italy, the number of infected people is increasing;

In Italy, they registered 3678 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus infection per day. This is the first time since April 24 that the number has exceeded three thousand. 31 infected people died, which is three more than the previous day. Italy has the second highest number of infected victims after Britain, a total of 36,061. The coronavirus infection was confirmed there in 333,940 people.

The Italian government on Wednesday extended the state of emergency due to the covid-19 epidemic until the end of January next year. She ordered the wearing of veils in all outdoor areas. According to Reuters sources, the measure should enter into force on Thursday.

The proposal by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s cabinet to extend the state of emergency this morning was approved by deputies with a vote of 253 votes, therefore by three. However, the opposition did not take part in the vote. On Tuesday, the measure passed the Italian Senate.

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