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(Illustration) Survivors of Covid-19

NOVA.id – The third wave of Covid-19 in Indonesia has occurred since the beginning of 2022.

The latest variant of Covid-19, Omicron, quickly spread to various regions in Indonesia and resulted in an increase in the number of positive cases.

Experts predict the Omicron case in Indonesia will reach its peak in March.

However, many underestimate the Omicron variant because it is considered less dangerous than the Delta.

In fact, the effects of any variant of Covid-19 are not only during infection but also in the long term, lo.

Not only physical disorders but also mental disorders can arise in the future.

Researchers in the United States looked at data on 153,848 people who had tested positive for Covid-19 and compared it to more than 56,000 people who had no history of Covid.

The results of this study published in the British Medical Journal show that: Covid-19 survivors risk of developing problems mental health.

Starting from anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, drug use even after one year was declared cured.

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This study supports previous findings but with a longer time, namely tracking changes that occur over 12 months.

When compared with the group of people who have never been infected, Covid-19 survivors show a 60 percent higher risk of suffering from a mental disorder or requiring mental health care in the past year.

The study found a 35 percent higher risk of anxiety and a 39 percent increased risk of depression.

Meanwhile, a smaller percentage of sleep disorders was around 2.4 percent and 0.4 percent for drug use problems.

The highest risk with mental disorders suffered by patients who were hospitalized.

However, the risk remains for those who are being treated or self-isolating at home.

“Many people face an uphill battle to rebuild their lives,” said Dr Adrian James, President at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Kompas.com.

Actively monitoring a patient’s recovery through a screen and treat program can at least help them receive proper mental health care.

“Treatment is very important, but difficult at this time. Because, most people have difficulty when experiencing mental disorders and do not seek help,” he concluded.

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