Rp. 2 Million Sophisticated HP, Peek at the Samsung A13 and A23 Specifications in full! – All Pages

NOVA.id – Samsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN) officially released the Galaxy A13 and A23, a smartphone duo that allows users to be even more awesome in celebrating various special everyday moments. Starting from 2 million, the Samsung Galaxy A13 and A23 have RAM up to 6GB, which is also equipped with RAM Plus features up to … Read more

Long-Term Effects of Covid-19: Mental Health Disorders on Survivors – All Pages

RUDI SUARDI – (Illustration) Survivors of Covid-19 – NOVA.id – The third wave of Covid-19 in Indonesia has occurred since the beginning of 2022. The latest variant of Covid-19, Omicron, quickly spread to various regions in Indonesia and resulted in an increase in the number of positive cases. Experts predict the Omicron case in Indonesia … Read more

Besides Damage to the Lungs, Smoking Can Also Cause Chronic Kidney Disease – All Pages

Parade.com – Illustration of maintaining kidney health – NOVA.id – Most Indonesian people consume cigarette almost every day. even though danger of cigarette for health has been proven from various scientific studies conducted by experts. Cigarettes cause various diseases, especially for the respiratory or lung. Lung cancer being one of the most common diseases found … Read more

Where to Buy Cheap Cooking Oil? This is a list of places besides Indomaret and Alfamart – All Pages

NOVA.id – The government sets the price cooking oil 14 thousand applies in all regions of Indonesia since last Wednesday (19/01). Policy cooking oil subsidies cheap prices from the government are enforced for the next 6 months. The Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS), has prepared funds of Rp 7.6 trillion which will be … Read more

5 Things That Can Lower Sexual Desire, Beware of Disturbing Intimate Relationships – All Pages

MARC TRAN – Illustration of sexual desire disorder – NOVA.id – One of the factors that reduce intimacy with a partner is a decrease in sexual desire. Decreased sexual desire affects the intimate relationship that is lived with a partner. Disorders of sexual desire experienced by a person can be caused by several things. Then, … Read more

30 km of hurdles for the Allier

About twenty people, hunters and farmers , responded to the call from Gaec Duperroux on Saturday morning to plant hedges. The date was fixed but the frost thwarted the project. The construction site turned into an impromptu meeting on agriculture and hedges. In the warmth of the rising sun and next to the cows, the … Read more

100 Years So A Mystery To Confuse Scientists, Actually What Is This Creature Measuring 6 Meters With Its Own Neck Length Of 3 Meters – All Pages

Dinosaurs – Pictures and Facts – (Illustration) Tanystropheus hydroides – Intisari-Online.com – Since it was discovered more than 100 years ago, researchers have been quite satisfied with being dizzy. It took a long time to find out what it really was creature this one. Because, fossil what was found had a strange and unusual shape. … Read more

Two DHF Patients at Dr Harjono Ponorogo Hospital Dies

TIMESINDONESIA, PONOROGO – Regional General Hospital or Dr. Harjono Hospital, Ponorogo stated that throughout January 2022, he had treated 50 dengue hemorrhagic fever patients (DBD) and two of them died. Public Relations of RSUD Dr. Harjono Joko Handoko told reporters that the 2 patients were Sugiyem (71) a resident of Karangpatihan Village, Balong Ponorogo District, … Read more

9 Causes of Bumps Appearing on the Penis that Need to be Watched, Check with a Doctor If You Experience It – All Pages

– Lumps on the penis can be caused by many things. – GridHEALTH.id – Lumps on the penis can be a serious problem for a man. Because in addition to lowering self-confidence, it can also indicate the existence of infectious disease seriously experienced. Launch page nhs.uk (20/4/2021), there are several types of lumps on the … Read more

Healthy Move, 30 Minute Stretch To Lower Hypertension – All Pages

– Do stretches every day to lower high blood pressure or hypertension. – GridHEALTH.id – Hypertension, which is characterized by a level of high blood pressure, is a serious condition that affects millions of people. If left unnoticed, the high force of blood against artery walls can damage blood vessels and cause heart conditions. People … Read more