Loire. These 150 new volunteers who join the ranks of firefighters

He will make it his job, that’s for sure. Renaud is 16 years old. And, in the meantime, it is certain again, that he will perform like a pro. He is the youngest volunteer firefighter in the new class of 2022.

“Since I was little, I’ve been in it. Dad is a volunteer firefighter at the Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert barracks, where Renaud has just reinforced the ranks. “It was a dream to integrate the firefighters and the departmental body. »

Catherine, 59, proud of her commitment

So, on this Saturday, he is “very proud” to participate in this traditional ceremony for the integration of new recruits into the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (Sdis) of the Loire. Ceremony during which he proceeded to read a few sentences from the national charter of the volunteer firefighter. “A privilege,” he says. Catherine, 59, nods. She also read a few passages. And she, too, admits to being “very proud to be part of this community. I did not expect such a ceremony. I had never visited the facilities. I discover this world. Everything is new to me. »

This former framework in the food industry is, this year, the oldest. “Athletic, I still felt quite fit both physically and intellectually. I asked for an exemption with regard to my age and received a great welcome. »

80% volunteers among firefighters

She had already thought about joining as a volunteer firefighter in the past but, too absorbed “by long days”, she had given up. “Now in early retirement, I have the means to give my time to others. “Now integrated into the barracks of Saint-Galmier, it has already intervened the day before the ceremony on three occasions. ” I’m delighted. Everything is fine. »

Renaud and Catherine are among the 150 new volunteers who decided to get involved this year. These are the values ​​of “dedication, loyalty and exemplarity”, values ​​recalled by Alain Mailhé, director of Sdis, that these fifty-four women, nineteen former young firefighters and two civic service volunteers will represent each time they put on the uniform but also in their everyday life.

In the Loire, there are 2,300 volunteers like them who put their lives at the service of others, i.e. 80% of the firefighters in the Loire.

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