Inflation sends pizza prices skyrocketing in New York –

In the United States, inflation continues to affect the economy and sometimes has unintended consequences. In New York, the traditional $1 slice of pizza is under threat: rising commodity prices are pushing some restaurateurs to raise prices.

“There’s nothing like the 99 cent slice!” exclaims David, enjoying his slice of cheese pizza for less than a dollar. Like him, many New Yorkers and tourists crowd every day in front of the signs that offer low-cost pizza slices.

But for the past few months, these small portions have cost 25, 50 cents and sometimes even 1 dollar more: “It’s a shame, we want the return of 99 cent pizzas”.

If pizza slices are going up, it’s because of long-lasting inflation. Nick, who owns a pizzeria in Manhattan, says he had no choice when he raised his prices by 70 cents. “Pizza boxes went up $5,” not counting the increase for flour, tomato sauce, cheese. Oil, for example, has gone from $14 in 2020 to $45 today. “Pizza is becoming a luxury”.

Restoration hard hit

Many people say they understand this price increase, even if they hope that the situation will not last too long. “We have to support small traders. I like pizza, I’m ready to pay a little more, it doesn’t matter.”

In New York, the restaurant business has been hit hard since the start of the pandemic. At least a thousand establishments have gone out of business in two years.

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