Locatelli’s Shield: How a Special Band is Helping Him Return to Play

Locatelli plays with a shield. And thanks to that he could also return from the first minute against Monza. The test against Inter was a baptism of fire for the instrument and, therefore, now Locatelli is ready to start the match. But what is it? A step back: if you remember, Locatelli got himself one rib fracture during the match against Cagliari, before the international break. A very painful injury and, above all, quite slow to resolve. But given the progress made by Locatelli, the Juventus doctors gave the green light for him to go to the bench against Inter, being able to play in the second half of the race. But only if he wore a special protective band.

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The scudetto… from Locatelli

Here the shield is just that: an elastic band, reinforced at critical points for Locatelli, which protects him from accidental hits that can happen during a match. Obviously by regulation there can be nothing “hard”, such as a carbon profile, because that type of protection is only allowed for the face. For other parts of the body, the regulation prohibits any device (braces, reinforced bands or similar things) that may contain something rigid that in a tackle can cause damage to the opponents (it’s the same reason why bracelets and rings are strictly forbidden). In short, Locatelli’s protective shield is not exactly imperforable, but it certainly helps him, even psychologically, to face his opponents better. Maybe already those of Monza.

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