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Posted on January 7, 2021 at 9:10 am by AC

Mauricio Pochettino would like to recruit his compatriot Paulo Dybala from Paris Saint-Germain, but on the Juventus side we still hope to be able to extend him.

The arrival of Mauricio Pochettino carried its share of transfer window. Indeed, the new coach of Paris Saint-Germain has already slipped several names to Leonardo. To believe Tuttosport, this would be particularly the case of Paulo Dybala. The latter is under contract with the Juventus until 2022 and its extension seems slow to arrive. Besides, Pochettino had already tried to recruit him in 2019, when he was at Tottenham. Now at PSG, he hopes he can catch up …

“The extension of Dybala? I do not intervene in this kind of thing, but …. ”

Holder facing Milan AC this Wednesday (1-3), Paulo Dybala was one of the big players in the victory of the Juventus and seems to regain color after a very dull first part of the season. Enough to convince Andrea Pirlo to push for its extension? ” Contracts are made by players and managers, not coaches. I don’t interfere in this stuff ” said Andrea Pirlo, coach of the Juventus, at the microphone of Sky Sports. « For me he is a holder, but I choose the players match after match, according to the opponents. We need him to regain a better physical condition, that’s important. He’s not there yet and at the end of the first half he was not doing well. We want and need a 100% Dybala “. Sick the day before this shock, Dybala showed fever and his presence in front of Milan AC had been questioned initially.

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