Home Sport Local offers .. Coach Tigris Valley article postpones his trip to Greece

Local offers .. Coach Tigris Valley article postpones his trip to Greece

Greece’s Takis Gunness, former technical director of the first football team of the Tigris Valley Club, decided to postpone his travel and leave Egypt for next Tuesday, after he was expected to return to his country last Thursday after breaking his contract with the board of directors of the Djalawy team.

The Greek Takis had canceled his contract with the administration by mutual consent, between the two parties, due to the poor results that the team achieved in the last period, the last of which was the loss from Egyptian Port Said with a result of 3/0 in the match they gathered last Monday in the Egyptian League competition.

A source for echoes of the country revealed that the travel delay was due to Takis Gunness receiving some offers from Egyptian clubs, pointing out that Egypt’s clearing, Ismaili and El Gouna clubs were willing to contract with Takis in the past period.

It is expected that these negotiations will be renewed, despite the Nigerian Emmanuel Emoniki taking over the technical leadership of the Fayoumi team, and the French led Didier Gomez Aldervish, and the Portuguese Pedro Barni leads El Gouna.

And Takis Junias took over the Tigris training a year and a half ago, specifically in August 2018, where he led the team’s match against the Interior as his first appearance with the Dajlao team.

The Tigris Valley is 17th in the league standings with 14 points after playing 17 games, winning only 3 matches, drawing 5 and losing 9 games, its players scored 17 goals and conceded 27 goals.


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