Littlewood finally appears in Europe and Australia

In North America is Littlewood available for a month. Now the funny simulation game appears in Europe and Australia for the Nintendo Switch console. From March 25, 2021 we can enter the world of Littlewood immerse yourself in activities such as fishing, farming and cooking.

A relaxed simulation with lots of small tasks is to be expected. Because in this game the story of a hero is told after he has already saved the world.

Becomes Littlewood also land the switch in your home menu?

Michelle Krah

As a team member since summer 2020, she no longer only shares her passion for Nintendo consoles and games in pictures on Instagram, but also tries her hand at writing news. Otherwise, she likes to sink into the world of Animal Crossing for hours in her free time or try out new indie games, preferably in the presence of a large cup of coffee.



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