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Little Kinga is suffering from a rare disease, so he rushed to the hospital

There is no worse feeling than when someone’s child is sick. A stuffy nose, a high fever, so many awake nights come one after the other by the time our seedlings grow up. However, Kinga did not survive the flu by that much. He had a stroke for the fourth time. This time his entire left side was paralyzed. However, we shouldn’t have had to wait long for the time of the skull exam – says the kemma.hu.

They were supposed to go for an examination on Tuesday because of the skull operation

He spoke with Gabi, Kinga’s mother, late on Friday evening from the county newspaper. By then, they were at the Heim Pál hospital, where another MR examination was performed on Kinga’s head. And the result contained terrible news. The parents can only hope that the paralysis will not be permanent. For now, only the fall of faith is hope that they can cling to. The time that will answer their questions.

“So three days ago he got sick, got the flu, and was given antibiotics.” Although I would like to keep him at home, we have to go out for air sometimes. We try to walk or go to the playground when there are no others. But his little body has also been affected by the past months, so his immune system is probably already weaker,’ began Gabi, who was very afraid that the illness would lead to another stroke. Unfortunately, not unfounded.

− On Friday afternoon, he woke up with a sore eye and couldn’t move his left hand. After a while, the entire left side stopped moving. I immediately called the ambulance,

who quickly got out, but instead of Budapest, they first took us to Tatabánya, even though I said that they don’t treat us there,’ continued the mother, who was already helpless he shouted to the paramedics and doctors to send them on immediately. Finally, King was examined, and after waiting for an hour, they were able to go to the next step, and they sped off to the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital.

− He was immediately taken to an MRI, where, unfortunately, our worst fears were confirmed. Another stroke, the most serious so far. It touches a six-centimeter area on the right side of his skull, which is responsible for the movement of the left side. For now, no one can say whether the paralysis will be permanent.

, or whether there are any lingering symptoms. Now we are just waiting to see how he will react in the morning,’ said Gabi, from whom we received good news about Kinga’s skull transplant on Friday morning.

King was found to have Moyamoya syndrome in September
Forrás: kemma.hu

Until then, it was said that the little girl in trouble would be operated on in Budapest, but now it has been revealed that the neurosurgery of the Szent-Györgyi Albert Clinic in Szeged will take place. It was planned that King would be operated on by a neurosurgeon who has extensive experience with patients with carotid artery occlusion and Moyamoya disease. I should have gone to see him on Tuesday for an examination and to arrange the date of the surgery. However, this will certainly not happen now. Gabi, as she knows, calls the neurosurgeon to discuss the new situation with him.

It is also conceivable that the little girl will be transferred to the clinic in Szeged so that the neurosurgeon can treat her. As previously reported by kemma.hu, Kingára is waiting for an open skull operation.

In September, it was revealed that Moyamoya syndrome there is In people suffering from the disease, the cerebral artery narrows, which causes a stroke. Kinga has already been hospitalized three times because of it. First, his right side was paralyzed, then he lost the ability to speak, and then he couldn’t use his left side.

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