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Limited Edition PS5-Themed Luxury Car Collaboration: Mercedes-Benz and Sony Release A-Class Vibes

German automotive company Mercedes Benz collaborated with Sony to release a limited edition PS5-themed luxury car.

For nearly 100 years, German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has been making luxury vehicles.

Among vehicle companies, the A-Class small luxury car is one of the most popular of them.

News of the collaboration came out in early December 2023. Dubbed the A-Class Vibes, according to the Mercedes-Benz Italia website, the vehicle will feature a Digital White exterior, blue interior lighting and a black leather interior.

Mercedes Benz will make PS5 cars

PlayStation Italia posted a video on its official YouTube channel showing the vehicle.

This car was also only produced in very limited numbers. The A-Class Vibes will be available exclusively online, at Mercedes-Benz stores, for 55,677 euros or US$60,906.74 (around Rp. 943,737,754 million).

Apart from that, buyers will also get a PS5 Digital Edition console and a digital copy Gran Turismo 7 if the purchase is completed at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.

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Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz only produced 50 units of the A-Class Vibes. Given the price of the vehicle and the general popularity of the PS5, one might think more units would be produced.

We should also note that the A-Class Vibes are sold only through Mercedes-Benz Italy, so people outside the euro zone most likely won’t be able to buy one.

Although many fans might want to get behind the wheel of a limited edition PS5-inspired Mercedes A-Class Vibes.

This would be a dream that most likely won’t come true, considering the 50 units that could potentially only be sold in Europe.

The hope is, Mercedes and Sony can continue and expand its partnership for luxury vehicle buyers around the world.

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