Lewandowski: Jurgen Klopp has two sides!

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski believes that Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp has “two faces”, one coach and one father.

Lewandowski, 31, played for four seasons under Klopp in Borussia Dortmund before the two moved in 2014 and 2015, respectively, to Bayern Munich and Liverpool.

Lewandowski said in comments to the network ESPN : “Juergen Klopp is my favorite coach, and then Pep Guardiola, 100 percent, Klopp has two sides, you can see that sometimes he’s like a father, but the second part like a coach, can tell you everything, good and bad things.”

He added: “For players as well, he’s a great motivation, he makes this perfect, because he knows where this line is where he can push you more or less a little bit, his performance as a coach is amazing, but not only as a coach, but also as a man.”

On Chelsea’s confrontation with Bayern Munich in the Champions League: “Chelsea play wonderfully, very well, I am not worried, we know we are Bayern Munich and we have great respect for Chelsea, we know we are in good shape and we know what happened in the first game.”

“We need to go into the first 20 minutes well, but we feel refreshed after a break since the end of the German Bundesliga.”

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