Coronavirus August 3. Mexico adds 443 thousand infections by Covid; there are 48 thousand dead

Mexico reached, at the cut of this August 3, 48 thousand 12 Covid-19 deaths, with 443,813 cases of confirmed coronavirus infections, according to authorities from the Ministry of Health.

José Luis Alomy, general director of Epidemiology, detailed in a press conference from the National Palace that there are 79 thousand 30 suspected cases, although with 488 thousand 207 negative cases accumulated in the country.

Vaccine generates immunity, says Russia

The Russian vaccine against coronavirus It generated immunity in all the volunteers who participated in the trial, the Ministry of Defense revealed today, and the country will be able to produce “hundreds of thousands of doses every month,” according to the Ministry of Commerce.

The vaccine, developed by the Ministry of Defense together with the National Center for Research in Epidemiology and Microbiology Gamalei, was tested on 38 volunteers: a first group of 18 people received it on June 18 and the tests concluded on July 15; a second group began receiving it on June 23 and the tests concluded on July 20, the RIA Novosti agency said, citing the Ministry of Defense statement.

Continue reading: Russia claims vaccine builds immunity and will distribute hundreds of thousands of doses each month

* See here the complete transmission of the conference on coronavirus cases in Mexico, from the National Palace:


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