Let’s take curfew measures due to corona… A wife who walks with a dog collar on her husband

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With the spread of Corona 19, a blockade was issued in Canada as well, and a couple who could not withstand it were caught trying to go out in an unusual way.

According to Canada City News on the 12th (local time), a woman from Sherbrooke, Quebec, was caught by the police while walking with a dog collar on her husband to go out amid a curfew imposed on the area.

Quebec couple fined for breaking curfew after wife walks husband on a leash A Quebec couple got creative in an attempt to skirt new provincial curfew measures, but were ultimately unsuccessful in their attempts to trick the po

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The couple took advantage of the fact that they were allowed to walk around the house with their pets even during curfew hours.

In the end, they were fined 3,000 Canadian dollars (about 2.6 million won).

Quebec has been banning curfew since last weekend to prevent the spread of Corona 19. This is the fastest action even in Canada. The curfew is from 8 pm to 5 am the next day.

Meanwhile, the cumulative confirmed cases of Corona 19 in Canada reached 680,000 as of 2 pm on the 13th (Korean time).


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